Orientation workshop on Social and Environmental Safeguards for REDD+ in Cambodia

From 04-05 April 2013, the Civil Society Organizations REDD+ Network in Cambodia (CSO REDD+ Network in Cambodia) organized an orientation workshop on "Social and Environmental Safeguards for REDD+” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The purpose of the workshop is to share information and filed experiences/challenges to CSOs/NGOs on the concept of REDD+ safeguards including the role of Free, Prior, Inform and Consent (FPIC).The concepts and guidelines on Social and Environmental Safeguards in REDD+ from global to regional levels were presented and in addition, experiences and lesson learned on how safeguards have been applied  in REDD+ pilot project in Cambodia were also shared in the workshop. A group discuss on the perspectives on national safeguard guidelines development and capacity building need  as well as their further engagement in REDD+ program of CSOs/NGOs were also held.   

Workshop backdrop (Credited: CSOs REDD+ Network)

Workshop Materials: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i9mf6v7c0ivk1sk/rIVVbg2Oms