Do Uncertainties in Climate Change Predictions Make It Impossible to Set Priorities for Conservation and Management of Biodiversity?

The consequences of climate change to social, economical and environment are becoming the most concern issues of political, business and society leaders in both developed and developing countries. However, prediction of climate change impact becomes the concern among the scientists around the world. Uncertainties in climate prediction are the main obstacles for climate change mitigation and adaptation.The high level of uncertainties in climate changes prediction causes high risk in management action. The uncertainties can mean that the impact of climate change can be lower or higher than expected by scientists.The uncertainties derive from the range of socio-economic development scenarios, climate model projections, the downscaling of climate effects to local/regional scales, impacts assessments, and feedbacks from adaptation and mitigation activities. In addition, high level in uncertainties can increase the cost of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Moreover, setting up the priorities for conservation and management of biodiversity is the challenge for all the countries in the world because climate change may happen rapidly than the current prediction. This is not meant that it is impossible to set up the priorities for conservation and management under the uncertain impact of climate change. This essay will look into the conservation and management measures of biodiversity under the climate variability due to uncertainties in prediction. Then it will highlight some practical examples from both developed and under developed countries.